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    Behind the Scenes on David Letterman

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    John Mayer at The Philly Fourth Of July Jam 2013

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  7. But what I have on my side, my compass, is loving music. And that never goes away. A lot of ideas come and go in my mind, but the idea that I love music and I gave my life to it and the feeling of making a record is exactly the same whether it’s my biggest-selling record or my least-selling record. I just follow that feeling. If you follow anything other than that feeling, you’re screwed. Because when it doesn’t happen your way and you don’t have that love of music that you can hold on to, you’re just lost. — John Mayer.

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    Louis Fratino, “Night Swimming (Ocean City)” [nd]

    96 in. x 60 in.

    oil on canvas

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  11. "The running seconds hand which is in bright red is truly an eye catching sight when moving.  Though the 6139 movement doesn’t have a running second hand for timekeeping, its quite mysterious when wearing one, as always wondering if it is still running.  Likened to a minimal dress watch with only two hands."

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    Got inspired by the new Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Revolución ‘Che’ Guevara Limited Edition. At the end of the day is all now in the Rolex family with Jean-Frédéric Dufour becoming the CEO. Che used to wear a Rolex ref. 1675 that was among his favorite watches. #watches #watchlife #watchporn #instawatches #timepieces #luxury #thegoodlife #rolex #gmtmaster #1675 #vintagerolex #cheguevara #cuba #cuban #dailywatch #lovewatches #gmt1675 #horology